Policies and Guidelines

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Memorial Union will not be offering tables for reservation. For this fall 2020 quarter, the MU & Silo tables will not be available for reservation or distribution of information.

Tabling Rules and Guidelines 

The first three weeks of the academic year will be given to groups to become familiar with the Memorial Union tabling policies. Starting the fourth week of the academic year, registered student organizations that violate these rules, guidelines, and campus policy will be referred to the Center of Student Involvement. Departments/Non-Profits with tabling violations will be referred to the Memorial Union Director and your tabling rights may be revoked.

  • As of Fall 2020, we have made changes to our tabling policies in order to best accommodate registered student organizations (RSOs). Tables are available for disseminating literature and information, recruiting members, and approved fundraising activities only.
  • For information on how to reserve a table, go to our Reserving a Table page.
  • Groups can only reserve one table per day. Multiple reservations by a group for the same day will be canceled. 
  • Groups must have a member of the organization that made the table reservation present at the table and cannot turn the reservation over to another group. 
  • Groups cannot table at unauthorized locations (for example flag pole or coho patio).
  • Groups must cancel or claim their table by 12 pm otherwise it will count as a “no-show’ violation.
  • For-profit companies may not reserve tables at any time as UC Davis does not allow for commercial advertisement on campus (as cited in UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual Chapter 310, section 25).
  • Commercial sales and activities are strictly prohibited. Organizations wishing to conduct commercial activities may contact the University Preferred Partnership Program (UP3) for opportunities. 
  • Displays and activities associated with the table reservation cannot block the free flow of traffic or encroach on another table.  Examples include:
    • Bikes may not be leaned against the tables or trees.
    • Stands/signs/A-frames cannot block the walkways between or in front of tables.
  • Pop-up tents or structures over the tables of any kind are not permitted as they block the free flow of egress between the tables - per UCD Fire Marshal.
  • No posting is permitted on walls, windows, doors, trees, or receptacles around the table, but posters may be attached to the table. Please remove all tape and zip ties from the tables once finished (as cited in UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual Chapter 310, Section 27).
  • Amplified sound is only approved for MU South Patio or Quad reservations made through and approved by Conference and Event Services only for MU south patio and Quad.  Amplified sound is not permitted at the tabling tables.  However, devices (computers/phones) can play music as long as no portable or Bluetooth speakers are used.
  • Bakesale guidelines are created by UC Davis Safety Services.
  • Tables are monitored by the Memorial Union Information Desk Staff.  Table Reservation Confirmation and Permit to Sell must be clearly displayed.