All hourly prices are stored onto your account and can be used as desired. All hours are reset on June 30th and will disappear from accounts at that time.

  Student & CR Members Community Members
1 Hour $4 $8
5 Hours $18 $36
10 Hours $35 $70
20 Hours $68



We also offer a number of passes if you would like to play unlimited for a certain amount of time. All passes include headset usage! If you purchase a pass with hours on your account, the hours will not be used while the pass is active.

  • Study Buddy Pass (Monday-Wednesday) - $40
  • Weekend Warrior Pass (Thursday-Saturday) - $50
  • Gunrock Gamer Pass (Monday-Saturday) -$60


Headsets are available without a pass purchase for the price of $2/hour. They are first-come first-served.