Fundraising for RSOs

Fundraise at the Games Area for your student club or sports club! Fundraisers are public events intended to promote and highlight any activity that is supported by official student organizations. Host organizations will get a portion of all revenue made in the Games Area that evening! All interested organizations are encouraged to apply or contact the Games Area for further information.

Hosting a Fundraising Night 

We are interested in providing a wide variety of Fundraisers with Registered Student Organizations and Sports Clubs! These groups would have the ability to customize the Games Area to better serve their interests and participants, including setting their own music, playing movies, setting up a table for promotion or merchandise sales, playing their own games, and more! For full details, please see the Fundraiser Contract.

If your organization is interested in hosting a Fundraiser at the UC Davis Games Area, please fill out our Fundraiser application at least three weeks in advance. All applicants will be contacted for a face-to-face meeting with the Coordinator to solidify plans and arrange logistics to make your event a success! 

Fundraisers are: An opportunity for your club to generate funds and share information about your club or activity.
Fundraisers are not: Private or exclusive use of the Games Area.


Registered Student Orgs and Sports Clubs must actively promote their fundraising night on social media and tag the Games Area Instagram account (@ucdavisgamesarea). Additional promotion methods are encouraged; email, social media, flyers, tabling etc. The event will not be approved until the marketing materials can be reviewed by Games Area staff.. through; email, social media, flyers, tabling etc. 


All parties must ensure that they have received permission from organizations they are registered through to have the event as a fundraiser. Groups need to provide account numbers to accommodate a recharge. 

The Games Area initiates fund transfers at the end of each month, which means funds are deposited into the agency account mid-month. For more information on how to claim your funds, refer to the CSI Website.