Promoting Clubs & Activities

Looking to promote your Registered Student Organization, Sport Club or ASUCD unit or activity. Read below for the do's and dont's!

  • LCD Screens
  • - The LCD screens managed by the UC Davis Division of Student Affairs provide a means to reach students who utilize campus facilities. The screens serve as both a directory for event and room reservation information, as well as vehicles to promote student-focused programs, services and events.  Running ads is free. However, you are limited to two ads per quarter.  Limit one week per ad.
    - Applications for announcements must be received at least two weeks prior to the actual date the display is to run.
    - For the procedure for submission and file types, see the Student Affairs Marketing and Communications LCD Display Guidelines.
  • Coffee House Table Tents
  • You can reserve the table tents in the Coffee House dining rooms for one-week intervals.
    Contact the Coffee House floor manager at or call the main office at 530-752-6622.  
    Please note that all advertisements will need to be screened and approved and can be denied at the manager's discretion.
  • Staked Signs and A-frames
  • UCD PPM 310-27 outlines the policies and procedures regarding stakes and A-frames on University property. 

    - Only campus organizations such as Departments, Registered Student Organizations, Sports Clubs, ASUCD and GSA units and campus interest groups are permitted to place temporary signs, banners, and posters at designated outdoor campus locations. Content is limited to sponsored events and student government elections and must include the name of the sponsor, date, time, and location of the event. 
    - Signs, banners, and posters attached to stakes (aka staked signs) may not be posted in the same location for more than one week at a time. However, ASUCD or GSA election material may remain for the duration of the campaign period.
    - Campus Organizations are responsible for removing all signs and materials within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event or they will be discarded. Grounds reserves the right to remove signage as part of their normal maintenance schedule.

    Staked Signs
    Staked signs may only be placed on decomposed granite.  Sign stakes may not: 
    - obstruct the free-flow of campus traffic, 
    - damage lawns or grounds
    - create a safety hazard 
    - interfere with a scheduled event sponsored by another organization. 
    - Signs, banners, or posters may be staked on the Quad lawn only in association with a reserved Quad event.

    A-frame signs may be placed only on decomposed granite areas near sidewalks.  A-frames are prohibited:
    - on sidewalks and patios, 
    - in streets, in all bike circles
    - on all lawn areas of the campus. 
    - A-frames that do not advertise a specific event with date, time, and location will be removed.
  • Hand Distribution
  • UCD PPM 310-25 outlines the policies and procedures regarding the distribution on information and literature on University property. 
    - Hand distribution of literature must not interfere with the free flow of pedestrian traffic of regular activities.
    - Hand distribution of literature is not permitted indoors.   
    - Materials must not be distributed by placing copies on or in vehicles (including bicycles) on University property. 
    - The sponsoring organization or individual may be held responsible for the cleanup associated with the distribution of information and literature in violation of policy. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and Sports Club violating this policy are also subject to Student Conduct standards and administrative responses.
  • Posting & Chalking - not permitted
  • UCD PPM 310-27 outlines the policies and procedures regarding posting on University property both indoors and outdoors.  
    - Chalking is not permitted on University property including sidewalks, stairs, patios, plazas and walls. Chalking found on University Property will be removed.
    - Flyers, signs, banners, posters or other items may not be posted on, propped against, or hung from buildings, walls, windows, doors, restrooms doors or walls, columns, posts, fountains, trees, blackboards, waste receptacles, roads, or other surfaces not specifically intended for such use.
    - Specific guidelines are in place for campus bulletin boards designated for posting of information.  None of these bulletin boards exist in the Memorial Union.

MU & Silo Tabling Reservations

See MU & Silo tabling reservations page for detailed information.

Commercial Advertising

University regulations prohibit the distribution of commercial advertisements on campus.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), Sport Clubs and ASUCD units that violate these rules and campus policy will be referred to OSSJA. Departments/Non-Profits with tabling violations will be referred to the Memorial Union Director and tabling rights may be revoked.