Building Directory

Whether you are interested in participating in a student organization registered with; the Center for Student Involvement, picking up a snack at The Market, returning a package to Amazon or simply studying, the Memorial Union offers convenient access to a variety of programs and services.

Memorial Union and Lower Freeborn Directory

Lower Freeborn

KDVS Radio Station - Room 14

MU Basement

Games Area - First Floor Entrance, Room 84

First Floor

Amazon@UCDavis - Exterior Entrance, 182

Aggie Compass, Basic Needs Center - Room 165

ASUCD Coffee House - southwest corner of the Memorial Union, Room 100

Campus Store - Exterior Entrance, main entrance is off the MU North Courtyard,  Room 180

Information Desk - inside the Memorial Union, north east side, Room 152

The Market - along the east wing, Room 169

The Pantry - along the east wing, Room 167

Student Disability Drop-in Center - off the East Lounge, Room 163

Second Floor

AggieCard Office - Room 253

Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success (CCLASS or el Centro) - enter from the second floor patio, Room 210

DeCarli Room - just inside the second floor patio or just past the small elevator, Room 201

Fielder Room - enter off the second floor patio, Room 214

Garrison Room - enter off the second floor patio, Room 212

University Credit Union Advisory Center (coming this summer!) - Room 246

Lactation Room - Room 242

Shared Services Organization satellite office -   Room 244

Veterans Success Center - Room 243

Third Floor

Angelina Malfitano Conference Room - Room 345

ASUCD Executive Office - Room 344

ASUCD Senate Office - Room 354

ASUCD Student Services Office - Room 347

ASUCD Jobs - Room 347

Creative Media- Graphics - Room 336

Creative Media- Marketing - Room 338

Creative Media- Net Media - Room 341

Community Housing Listing - Room 347

Legal Services - Room 347

Mee Room  - Room 342

Moss Room - Room 334

Office of Advocacy and Student Representation - Room 360 

Picnic Day Office - Room 349

Student Government and Administrative Office - Room 348

Fourth Floor

Center for Student Involvement - Room 442

Smith Room - Room 438

Memorial Union Administrative Office - Room 457

UC Davis Stores Administrative Office - Room 457

CRUS IT Administrative Office & Help Desk - Room 461

Fifth Floor (Restricted Access)

Sky Room (internal meeting room) - Room 552 (access via the fourth floor reception desk)