Tabling at the MU

Online registration for Spring Quarter MU & Silo Tables goes live on Monday, March 11. 

  • Tabling at the Memorial Union & Silo Union 
  • Per UC Davis PPM 310-25, Student Unions coordinates table reservations for the Memorial Union and Silo. Tables are available up to 4 weeks in advance - and they go live one day at a time
    -For example, starting on a Monday at 10 a.m. you can reserve a table for a Monday 4 weeks out and reserve any tables still available on the previous 3 weeks. 
    -Tables are available for reservation Monday-Friday excluding holidays, finals and academic breaks.

    -Officers from Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), Registered Sport Clubs (RSC) and ASUCD units can reserve tables online up to four weeks in advance.  
    - Departments and non-profits can only reserve tables after the first three weeks of Fall Quarter (starting October 16), and after the first two weeks of Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter (January 22 and April 15).
    - For-profit companies may not reserve tables at any time as UC Davis does not allow for commercial advertisement on campus (as cited in UC Davis Policy and Procedure Manual Chapter 310, section 25).
    - Commercial sales and activities are strictly prohibited. Organizations wishing to conduct commercial activities may contact the University Preferred Partnership Program (UP3) for opportunities.
    - CSI approved fundraising by clubs is allowed.

    Fall Quarter tabling dates: September 25 to December 8, M-F excluding holidays and Thursday, October 11 due to the Involvement Fair. 

    Winter Quarter tabling dates: January 8 to March 22, M-F excluding holidays.

    Spring Quarter tabling dates: April 1 to June 7, M-F excluding holidays and Friday, May 10 due to the Whole Earth Festival.

    For issues while tabling at the MU please reach out to the MU Information Desk (530) 752-2222.
    For issues while tabling at the Silo, please reach out to the SCC Service Desk.
    The Info Desk is on the first floor of the Memorial Union. You can stop by, call (530) 752-2222 or email <>

Tabling Check-in

For tables at the Silo, you can now check-in at the Student Community Center service desk. 

Check-in for tables along the MU/Quad is at the Memorial Union Info Desk.

Tabling Maps

See maps below

  • MU Tables are located between the Quad and the Memorial Union. They are numbered 1-22 and face the Memorial Union.
  • Silo Tables are located north of the Food Trucks at the Silo Union and are labeled A-F.
  • What is a MU Space? During the first three weeks of Fall Quarter (Sept 25-Oct 13 only), demand for tables is so high we also offer MU Spaces for reservation. The MU Spaces are empty spaces on the brickwork immediately behind each MU Table. These are booked just like a table.  However, you are only reserving the space.  If desired, groups need to bring a table as one is not provided.  MU Spaces face the Quad.
  • Bringing your own table at any other time of year is not permitted.
Map of location of MU Spaces
Map of MU Tables (in black) & MU Spaces (in blue).
MU Spaces are avail first three weeks of fall quarter only, and you must bring your own table.
Map of Silo Union and Food Trucks with tables shown in black
Map of Silo Tables