Equitable Access and Financial Aid

Equitable Access supports students utilizing financial aid resources

Equitable Access Mission Statement
Reduce inequity among students by eliminating course material access issues, while ensuring that costs are predictable and equal for all undergraduate students.

The positive impact of Equitable Access on Financial Aid
  • Financial aid for textbooks and course materials is based on student spending surveys, but a large percentage of students currently do not purchase all of their course materials due to the cost. Therefore this calculation and the total cost of attendance is understated because students cannot self-report on textbooks and course materials they have not purchased—Equitable Access eliminates the understatement of costs resulting in a more accurate total cost of attendance.

  • Currently, low-income students choosing higher-cost textbook majors (e.g. STEM fields) do not receive adequate financial aid support for costs that exceed the average. Under Equitable Access all course materials will be covered by one affordable flat fee regardless of major and cost—this eliminates the challenge presented by using the average cost of course materials.

  • The reduction in cost ($100 per eligible student per year) created by Equitable Access will leave more financial aid money available for other uses (e.g. basic needs).

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