GG@Home is the launchpad for remote gaming events at UC Davis. Launching Fall Quarter 2020, we plan for a diverse and engaging series of community events to support students stuck at home, on campus, or anywhere else.

Supported games

Below is a curated list of games we support playing during GG@Home events. Please follow the links to find out more about each game, including, for the party games, how to get set up to play and how to host a multiplayer game with other UC Davis students. Free-to-play games are denoted with an asterisk (*).

To find new people to play with or new games to play, you can always visit the official Gunrock Gaming Discord channel!

How to add friends

Many multiplayer games require having already connected to friends. To find other UC Davis students to play with, feel free to jump on our official Gunrock Gaming Discord channel. Once you find people to play with, share any relevant info (see each game to determine what to share) and go have fun! Below are specific instructions for various platforms.

On Steam

From the main page, click "Friends" at the top and select "Add a Friend..." in the dropdown menu. Type in their Friend Code in "Enter a Friend Code." This is also where you can find your Friend Code to share with others. They will need to accept your request.

On Playstation 4

From the function screen, select "Friends." Select your friend by searching for their username. Select "Add to Friends." They will need to accept your request.

On Xbox One

Press the Xbox button and select "People," then "Find someone." Search for their gamertag and select "Add Friend." They will need to accept your request.

On Nintendo Switch

Find your friend code by going to the HOME screen and selecting your User icon (My Page), then selecting "Profile." Share this code with your friend. They can add you by going into their profile and selecting "Add Friend" then "Search with Friend Code." Insert your code, then press "Send Friend Request." You must accept their request on the "Add Friend" page.