Discord Channel

To further our community, Gunrock Gaming has a Discord channel with active moderation. You can join by clicking this link: https://discord.gg/uBrTcKD

How to create a Discord account

  1. Download the Discord App (for iOS or Android) and select Register Account -  or go to https://discordapp.com/register.
  2. Enter a personal email address. We strongly recommend not using a UC Davis email address for security reasons. 
  3. Create any username and password that you want.

For security reasons, accounts wishing to join the Gunrock Gaming Discord channel must wait five minutes after registering to join.

Moderation Policies

All members are expected to follow the UC Davis Principles of Community (https://diversity.ucdavis.edu/principles-community), as well as Discord's Community Guidelines (https://discordapp.com/guidelines). Violations may result in being banned or kicked from this channel, and severe violations may result in being reported to SJA, HDAPP, and/or Campus Police.