Aggies at Home - Adventure

Although Outdoor Adventures is closed, we are still dedicated to providing students with information on how they can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors while also adhering to CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have a lot going on! From video programming, to relevant articles, to special speaking engagements, there is something for everyone. 

Learn more about birding, playing campfire songs, trip planning, and staying fit and healthy here. Also, please keep an eye on the Campus Recreation website for other awesome virtual content.


Articles and Newsletters

Read articles and newsletters written by Outdoor Adventures staff which have been created to help guide you in staying healthy and getting outside during COVID-19 restrictions.


Join Jake Trushiem on his video series "Birding with Jake" where he will teach us about local area birds and how to identify them. These videos are also accompanied with links and articles which will help you get outside and birding on your own. 

Planning a Thru-Hike

Mari Hoffman is planning a thru-hike on the John Muir Trail and wants to share her experience with all of you. Planning a thru-hike can be complex, but Mari's informational videos and the accompanied articles/links will help guide you through the process.